She is bold, confident and daringher ambition is more powerful than her fears.

Her style is an expression of her infectious free-spirit and a reflection of her authentic self.

She believes in the magic of new beginnings. Her heart is open to receive.

There’s a pep in her step and a glimmer in her eyes.

She aspires to inspire. She was born to shine.

She is the Sparkle Woman.

This is for her.


Sparkle by Hessa is a collection of ready to wear wardrobe treasures designed in the UAE. The spirited brand features fun, graphic prints and vibrant, hand-embroidered designs that stand out for their powerful, inspirational messages, childlike, whimsical detailing and femininity.

Much like sprinkling fairy dust or wearing a lucky charm, each design is thoughtfully created with the intention of channeling the love and energy involved in making it to the woman who wears it.


Born and raised in the UAE, Hessa’s earliest memories of designing her own clothes go back to her early teenage years, more specifically to that time when she bought a plain t-shirt and embellished it with colorful patches and beads. She remembers walking around in that t-shirt feeling beautiful, unique and empowered to take on the world. She dreamed of making other women feel the same through her own designs.

Her path towards achieving that dream wasn’t always straight. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in communication and took on a job in public relations. Although Hessa felt a disconnect with her desires from the start, she decided to persist at her day job. Nevertheless, a longing to design led her to embark on several creative endeavors; taking freelance design jobs and launching her own stationery line on the side.

But it wasn’t until Hessa started reading about manifesting and creating colorful doodles of the thoughts she wanted to attract, that she started reconnecting with her true desires. Determined to make her dream of starting a clothing line a reality, she gathered the courage to quit her day job and turned her dreamy sketches into embroidered wardrobe designs, hence Sparkle by Hessa was born.

Hessa believes that the path to brilliance is shaped by the setbacks one overcomes along the way. Through her brand, she hopes to inspire women everywhere to embrace their authenticity, let go of their fears, and “find the magic in every stitch.”

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